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About us

Geordie Ouchterlony
Concierge d'Aliments
Home Grown Organic Foods is a locally owned business dedicated towards satisfying the growing demand for healthy, locally grown, affordable and ecologically sustainable organic food. We offer an efficient and cost-effective home delivery service of fresh organic fruits and vegetables every week.

Presently, there is increasing concern towards the possible health implications associated with the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Home Grown Organic Foods recognizes the value of organically grown fruits and vegetables and is dedicated towards providing health conscious consumers with a sustainable alternative to conglomerate, profit-driven supermarkets.

The base of operations has recently moved to 2310 Gottingen St directly across from the Gottingen Street Public Library. Here, customers can learn about what is going on within the organic community while topping up their food baskets over a cup of hot coffee. There is a new demonstration organic garden in the works along with a demonstration vermicular composter that is altogether used to highlight the simplicity of growing organically.

Home Grown Organic Foods differs from most agrifood businesses in that every decision is weighted more heavily by environmental and social implications than by profit incentives. Our mission is to provide health and environmentally conscious consumers with safe, healthy, affordable and wholesome food.

One advantage that Home Grown Organic Foods has over conventional food distribution outlets is that relatively little warehouse space is required to store the fresh produce before it is delivered. This is accomplished by delivering the food straight from the field directly to the consumer, fresh as can be.

Ultimately, it is our passion to make every effort possible to educate the public how to grow their own food. Meaningful, real world learning experiences provide for an infinite array of possible opportunities. Home Grown Organic Foods recognizes that health conscious consumers are naturally more in tune with the seasonal variability of available fruits and vegetables within their local bio-region. Home Grown Organic Foods also recognizes the joy of both farming and cooking and thereby aspires to share this enthusiasm with all.

Home Grown Organic Foods is dedicated towards promoting environmental awareness in addition to healthy living alternatives.

Choose local, organic food.
Good for you. Good for community.
Good for the Earth.

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