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Membership benefits
Home delivery
The once in a lifetime membership fee of $25.00 entitles you to receive home delivery. This fee helps pay for the upfront cost associated with starting up a new delivery account. Non-members are very welcome to shop for all their real food at the Home Grown General Store.

On-line shopping
This is the ultimate in convenience. Get ready to cash in your winter tires for some fun on the town. Think of all the time and money that you will be saving by not having to drive everywhere.

Create and Save shopping lists on-line
The shopping list function is designed to simplify your shopping experience by allowing you to store multiple listings of your favourite items altogether in groupings that make sense to you. You may create as many different shopping lists as you like and you may name each one of them however you please.
The contents of your shopping list are stored in our database so that each time you log in you can make changes to your shopping lists without affecting your current order. Once you have completed your shopping list(s), you may use them to add items to your shopping cart one at a time or all at once to place your order.

Edit your order
Following the addition of items to your shopping cart from either your shopping list or from the product listing, you may edit your order at anytime by clicking on the edit button located beneath the total on the upper left hand column.

Update your food preferences on-line.
This feature is provided to assist you to communicate your food preferences and dislikes with our sorting crew. The information that is updated on this page will appear on your invoice and is referred to when packing boxes.

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